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Jo-Anne Berthelsen is a Sydney-based author of six novels and two memoirs. She writes stories of forgiveness and faith, and prays that readers will hear the heartbeat of God in her books.

Jo-Anne holds degrees in Arts and Theology and a Diploma of Education. She has worked as a high school teacher, editor and secretary, as well as in local church ministry. Jo-Anne enjoys communicating through both the written and spoken word and has been privileged to speak at many different venues, both church and secular, in recent years. She also loves mentoring younger women, playing the piano and reading. Jo-Anne is married to a retired minister and has three children and four grandchildren.

Jo-Anne writes "It had long been a dream of mine to write ... I am convinced it is what God wants and has gifted me to do at this stage in my life.  More than that, I sense God is delighted to see me fulfilling more of the purpose for which I was created. I hope and pray my books will make a difference in the lives of my readers. I hope and pray many will hear the heartbeat of God and allow their own hearts to be touched in the process."

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