Adult Fiction - What we are looking for:

Length: To a maximum 100 000 words

We want stories that are:

  • Relatable and real-life
  • In tune with faith values and inspirational themes
  • Inspiring and ultimately hopeful
  • Engaging and thought-provoking

To submit a manuscript, please provide:

  • A personal CV/resume relating specifically to your writing experience
  • A full 2-page synopsis
  • A minimum of four chapters of the book, including at least the first 3 chapters, edited to demonstrate your most carefully crafted writing
  • Your full return details (i.e. name, address, email and a phone number). These must also be included on the pages of your manuscript
  • Any specific marketing plans for your manuscript (i.e. How can you be involved in promoting this book? What do you know of your market? What is your previous experience and success?)
  • Feedback from any editors or beta readers you have worked with
  • PLEASE NOTE: All documents submitted must be in MSWord format

Please do not send us queries. You must submit using our ONLINE FORM HERE. Once you have submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact us by phone on 07 3245 1938 and we will check that your MS has been received.


General comments on fiction style submissions:

Books should NOT be first draft when they are submitted. Multiple submissions of the same manuscript because you realise you made typographical errors will not be considered. As stated above, please ensure you submit your most carefully edited and crafted writing possible. We strongly suggest that you seek feedback from 2 or 3 beta readers.

Books may have multiple points of view, but points of view should not be broken with head hopping in the middle of a scene. First or third person and past or present tense is the author's choice. Should you choose to write in omniscient point of view please ensure your writing is of a very high standard as this style requires greater technical skill.

Books should be action driven with the principles of 'show-don't-tell' utilised. Stories should be real, relatable and strong in plot.

Please watch out for attributions and adverbs that are overused or used in a way that distract the reader.

We recommend all authors get their work appraised or edited or both (perhaps more than once) before submission. Please include these professional appraisals in your submission including the name of your editor. If we contract your book, it will then go through further editing and proofreading before publication.

If you are an Australian author writing fiction we sincerely suggest you read other Australian authors so you know the style of writing in Australia. Check them out and ensure your book is unique. It is also important to use Australian English (not American).

Turn-around time for submitted manuscripts varies but can be up to 6 months.