Rhiza Connect is seeking submissions of short stories for an anthology to be produced early in 2019.  Submissions are open until 31st December 2018. 

We are looking for stories that are in tune with the Rhiza Connect brand and that explore the topic of Home. Stories should be suitable for anyone aged 13+ years. In other words, they must be family-friendly in content so they can be read and enjoyed by anyone - from teenagers to grandparents. For information on content that fits the Rhiza Connect brand, we suggest you read some of our published books.  You can take a look at our books by going to the books tab on this website. We have also selected three of our favourite titles and packaged these at a discounted price. Details below. These are not short stories, but the style and content will give you a sound understanding of what we are seeking.

The theme of Home can be explored in terms of people, place, habitat, nature, and time, to give just a few examples. But don't let this list limit you!






Word Count

3,000-5,000 words



We are not looking for a specific genre but stories must be in tune with the Rhiza Connect brand and family friendly in content. Write in your genre of choice, be it Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Historical, etc, and keep in mind our values.


Submissions must be in by 31st December 2018.


Successful submissions will attract a payment for use and 2 copies of the published book. Authors of successful submissions will also be able to purchase extra copies of the book at a discounted price.



Sumbissions must be made by our Short Stories Submissions form at the bottom of this page.

You must include:

Name and contact details

Title of your story

The full manuscript (3,000 -5,000 words)

 A one paragraph synopsis



Take a look at our specially discounted inspiration pack, including a great selection of some of our best-selling favourites. These books provide a great sample of what fits in the Rhiza Connect brand, and all feature themes of home.


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For more ideas and inspiration check out our other Rhiza Connect titles here.


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