Zenna Dare by Rosanne Hawke(Rhiza Press)by Rosanne Hawke

A secret spans five generations from Cornwall to Australia.

Who was Zenna Dare?

When Jenefer moves to the old family home in country Kapunda, she uncovers a secret from the past. What sort of life did Gweniver, her great-great-great-grandmother, lead? And what connection did she have to the glamorous young singer, Zenna Dare?

Could a nineteenth-century mother of nine have led a double life, and, if so, why?
In a story crossing five generations, from the old world to the new, Zenna Dare brings reconciliation in more ways than Jenefer could ever have imagined.

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Trade Paperback
Release: 1st July 2014
Price: $16.99

Release: 1st July 2014
Kindle ISBN: 9781925139044
ePub ISBN: 9781925139051